Hello.  My name is Angela and I live in Scotland, UK.

I am a parent first and foremost to anything else.  I have wonderful friends around me.

My hobbies include, playing world of warcraft and the sims.  I generally build on this sims as I do not get much enjoyment playing the God aspect of it, controlling sims just never really held my attention.  I much prefer to build things. My creativity comes to life at night, which is difficult with being a parent, so I do not have much time for it.  We also as a family enjoy nature walks, swimming and spending time together renting and watching a movie.

I first started to blog when I realised that writing could help me heal from my trauma as a child.  Adverse Childhood Experiences has made me the person I am today and in amongst all that there is a strength through the weakness.  I have pain from those experiences, physical and emotional.  Scars which will always be scars.  Nothing can take my scars away, because I am my scars.  I just don’t want others to experience the same. Prevention is better than cure.  If I can prevent one other child from going through what I went through, then my work is done. I want to let the public be aware of the sinister dealings going on within a cult. This cult is in your backyard, in your towns and at your doorsteps on a Saturday morning when you are hungover from the night before. People will say they are nice.  But this is just a facade they use and are taught to use to recruit you into their cult.  They will drip by drip brainwash you if you show interest.  The best practice is to say no thanks to them.

This blog is specifically a place where I can put down my thoughts.  I am a Former Jehovah’s Witness and I would like to raise awareness to the public about many things which take place there.  These are secret things.  Of course they will say these things do not happen, but believe you me, they do.  I am a warrior fighting for children to be listened to and believed and ultimately the right course of action being taken for them.  I can’t sit down, shut up and move on.  Telling someone to do that is called Psychological Invalidation.  It is a part of me that can never be erased.  It’s not that easy to just “move on” but it is a part of me which is healing.

Please click on the title at the top of the page which will take you to my blogs.


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